FAQ About Parties

What is included in a party package?

The total Party is an hour and forty-five minutes. The first hour will be the jump time. Once the jump time finishes, all guests will enter the party room for 45 mins to celebrate.
Party child receives a blue or pink drawstring bag which contains the wristbands and jump socks.
A host is provided and will help with whatever is needed.
All paper products ( plates, cups, napkin, silverware, tablecloths)
Ice chest with ice is included in the room.

Can we pay a down payment for the room and pay the rest later?

We ask for a full payment at the time booking of the party. We do this to reserve your spot and room.

Can we get into our room early to decorate?

After we finish cleaning the room from the previous party, our staff will escort you to the party room.
A Host/Hostess will be provided to assist you with setup, serving, and cleanup.
All items will be stored in the designated room closet up front.
When it is time to get into the room, a staff member will help move all items to your party room.
We have 2 large party rooms upstairs. We, however, do not have an elevator for those in need of assistance. Please inform us if this will be an issue.

What food can we bring in?

Our Delivery option for the party is Domino’s pizza Mon-Sun. We also have the option of Chick Fil A Mon-Sat. These are the ONLY options that need to be ordered through us.  No other delivery option is available.
You may have someone in your party pick up at any location and bring it in.
The delivery option needs to be placed 24 hours before the time of party during the week.  No later than Friday morning for weekend parties please.
Drinks are permitted (No Alcoholic drinks) at the facility.

Can we jump for our 2 hours?

The party price is just for the hour jump and 45 minutes in the party room. It will be an additional cost of $10.00 per jumper for an extra hour.
Another option is if you want the party room for 30 mins. They can jump the extra 30 mins for half off. ($6.50 per jumper).

Can we upgrade our party when we get there?

We need a 2-day notice for any upgrade of a party. It will be an additional $16.00 per jumper. This is so we can save a spot in our count for jumpers. If you do not upgrade until that day we might not have a room available in our Jump tracker.
NO Refund will be given for a downgrade of a party after the 2-day notice.
If you have extra people who would like to jump (ie. siblings or adults), we encourage you to have them purchase the tickets the hour of your jump time beforehand. This will guarantee them a jump time spot.  If they do not purchase the tickets beforehand, there is the chance we will be sold out that hour and your extra guest will not be able to jump.

Do you have certain colors for plates/tablecloths?

We have 8 colors (Royal Blue, Teal, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red, and Pink).
You are always welcomed to bring your own paper products as well.